Impact Treatment

Pejman Ayoubzadeh, RMT, D.Ac

The impact treatment approach is a systematic application of some of the most innovative physical treatment modalities to effectively clear sources of pain and discomfort at all levels of the body Matrix. If you have cracks in a house you need to look at the foundation. This innovative approach combined with other eastern and western healing methods has helped many patients who were stuck or hopeless achieve optimum function. The most important factor in a treating a condition with good results is to make sure that the causes behind the pain pattern is understood. An in depth evaluation and assessment is key to be able to get the whole picture of the whole Body Matrix which is a system of bones, joints, fascia, muscles and an energetic system which are very closely interconnected. Often the root of many pain sources come to the surface once the superficial layers are cleared up. Then a systematic treatment plan is used to clear the sources of pain and tension from bones, joints, fascia, muscles and energetic blockages. you can also visit »« for more info or just give us a call.