Chantelle Rieger: Registered Massage Therapist, Angelic Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Practitioner, Crystal Shaman Practitioner



Chantelle is a registered massage therapist who can also combine various energy healing modalities into her treatments to support people in releasing tension and finding relief from stress. She has great interest in the mind\body connection and views clients in a holistic way when working with them. She creates supportive space to help people return to peace and comfort while easing tension and pain out of the body. In her own journey she has come to see how essential support and self care are in being able to thrive in life, this led her to choosing massage therapy as her career. She regularly uses Qi gong and meditation to help her in her healthcare profession. She is trained in both therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques which can be given in combination with energy medicine or on their own.


Chantelle has received her Angelic Reiki Master Certification and is able to incorporate this nourishing energy into massage. Using this system of healing she opens space and allows angelic energy to intermingle with the body's own innate intelligence to bring about movement, transformation and support. The angels use this opportunity to reprogram negative thought form, fears, belief systems and outdated habits that no longer serve the highest good of the client and to clear connections for greater attunement to Spirit. To learn more please visit 


In harmony with the Angelic Reik, Chantelle has been trained in IET, healing with the angels. IET clears and integrates pure life force energy into the 9 meridian channels, gently yet effectively clearing the ''issues from your tissues'.' IET was founded by Stevan J Thayer who introduced the cellular memory map and IET integration points. To learn more please visit


Over the past two years Chantelle has been studying and practicing Crystal Shaman Healing through Ascension Healing founded by Karen Osborne. She has received medicine rights to help guide others inward on journeys of self discovery to help integrate healing by bringing wholeness and honoring all aspects of being, light and shadow.