Psychotherapy treatment integral health clinic - ottawa canada
What is it?

Psychotherapy is the art and science of helping people overcome their mental and physical health challenges through verbal and nonverbal communication.

Why do I need it?

In today's world it is common for people to go through their days without being able to openly discuss their concerns, challenges, ideas, doubts, fears, inclinations, dreams, and desires. A psychotherapist, first and foremost, is a person with whom you could share it all, in complete confidentiality. But this is only the beginning - the real promise of psychotherapy is in helping you build a better version of yourself, a person who you've always wanted to be.

Is it the same as psychiatry?

Definitely not. Psychiatrists may prescribe medications and diagnose diseases. With a psychotherapist, the work is strictly within the realm of verbal and nonverbal communication. Psychotherapists are trained to take into account your life circumstances, your personal history, and even your eating habits, in an effort not to "treat" you, but to help you figure out the best way of overcoming your limitations and reaching the life you desire.

A psychotherapist can never treat you involuntarily, so you are always in control.

What to expect?

Depending on your therapy plan, your sessions may include verbal discussions, meditation, hypnosis, drawing or playing music, writing, bodily movements, or other activities. You are in complete control of the situation, and anything that happens is always with your voluntary informed consent. Ultimately, your therapist is a mirror which you can use to discover your true self, and the answers that are hidden within your soul.