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Holism Treats the Whole Person

The practice of holism, also known as holistic medicine, represents treating the whole person, including physical, mental, social, spiritual, and other factors. And, this is what Dr. Shahram practices at Integral Health Clinic.

“Holism means that your practitioner knows everything about you and sees the totality of the human being. I will care about your pains, your dreams, your fears, your phobias, your cravings, and your sensations. I will know your entire self, inside and out, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” says Dr. Shahram who applies his formal medical school training and knowledge, infectious disease specialty, and expertise in homeopathy to assess the human body, its anatomy, interrelationships, and functioning from different standpoints.”

So, even though a patient may suffer from four seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as depression, eczema, nightmares, and a craving for sugar, holistically they all are related.

“Holism really means that if I look at a tree and one branch is Oak, the other branches are Oak. So, if I see something in one branch, everything else is deeply related and connected, and all emerge from the same trunk,” he says.Thus, Dr. Shahram always gives a remedy for the trunk of the tree, not the branch.

Homeopathy and Its Remedies

Dr. Shahram considers himself a homeopath, as homeopathic treatments are what he uses 90% of the time. “I have used through the years thousands of homeopathic remedies, hand-selected as a similar energy to what is ailing my patients,” he says about homeopathy, which takes a substance and dilutes it billions of times to remove the harmfulness of the substance and retain the potent treatment.

“Homeopathy is the most holistic way of looking at things, including physical issues, your cravings, aversions, what you dream about, what is your nature, etc. Homeopathy is the only science that cares about the sensation, the time modality, what makes things better and worse, whether it is a headache or phobia, and the mind-body experience,” he says.

At the end, homeopathy allows him to learn and help a person’s body cure itself more so than any other science that he has found.