Dr. Shahram ayoubzadeh - homeopath and naturopathic doctor - integral health clinic Ottawa Canada
210 McGillivray Street Ottawa, ON, K1S 1L2
Mon, Wed, Fri: 12-7PM
Thu, Tue: 9AM-5PM
Sat & Sun: Closed
(613) 241-0005

No Stone Unturned

Your healing journey will begin with a compassionate consultation; Throughout each consultation, Dr. Shahram’s intention is to not leave a stone unturned. He will learn about your current health challenges and every imaginable detail of your medical/health history, from your moment of conception to present day.

Envision sharing every major, minor, and periodic symptom, thought, feeling, sense, life experience, trauma, dream, nightmare, life trend, habit, pattern, and addiction that you experienced and grappled with throughout your lifetime. Anticipate this to be unlike any other medical or naturopathic consultation you have experienced before.

Feel Known & Understood

Along with detailing your physical health/symptoms, Dr. Shahram will sensitively assess your emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual health, and life experiences. You will feel known and understood throughout your healing journey.

Through this deep dive into your body, mind, and spirit, Dr. Shahram will uncover commonalities that provide a clear understanding of which holistic remedies can help your body heal itself. A variety of follow-up appointments will help him to assess the degree and ways in which your body responds to the remedies. He will revise the treatment and dosages until you arrive at a healthy place.

He Likens Your Health to a Lock & Key

“If you left your house, locked the door, yet returned without your key, you may panic as you do not know how to get in. You may resort to steps such as breaking a window or using a locksmith who may not have the right key. Similarly, your body may get locked into a state, and you may not know how to unlock it.

“Over many hours, patients share unconsciously the type of lock, key, and perhaps how it happened. This information helps me to help your body return back to health.”

A Healed Body & A Return To Health

Your dream has been to return to good health. Be assured that Dr. Shahram shares your dream and will support you in ways that enable your body to heal itself and return to strong health.
His Bottom-Line Is Clear: “Our approach can help the body cure anything.”