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Welcome to Integral Health Clinic, the practice of Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh, M.D., N.D., FAICA.
This healing place is for those who are inspired to find their way back to a healthy body, mind & spirit.

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Return to Health, Hope & Happiness

Many thousands of Integral Health Clinic patients worldwide have become healthy, hopeful, and happy once again due to Dr. Shahram’s 30 years of clinical experience. He offers a highly individualized treatment plan for individuals and family members who desperately need to solve their health/medical concerns.

Dr. Shahram, an internationally renowned medical doctor with a specialty in infectious disease, Naturopathic medicine, and homeopathy, is highly trained and experienced in holistic medicine. He is a respected Dean, Professor and founder of a homeopathic college and, most importantly, has a highly-compassionate spirit.

He has spent 30 years exploring the real cause of why people are sick, which has led Dr. Shahram to discover various healing modalities. As a result, he has worked with some 15,000 patients around the world to help their body heal itself.

Dr. Shahram has devoted himself to helping patients restore their health. Specifically, he has an:

  • Intimate understanding of the entire human body and its interrelationships and functioning as one system.
  • Ability to discover commonalities between seemingly disparate symptoms.
  • Expertise in isolating the root cause and finding remedies leading to health.

Receive Compassion & Kindness

As a kind and sensitive physician, Dr. Shahram connects with each patient as would a close family member. He values patients and helps them be heard, understood, and to receive compassionate help.
Thus, with patience and a desire to serve, he will guide you forward towards restoring your health.

Your journey includes highly personalized health/medical consultations with deep and detailed questions, and strategic and intuitive analyses.

If you are ready for your body to heal itself, call Integral Health Clinic at (613) 241-0005 or email info@integralhealthclinic.com